dry eye treatment

dry eye treatment

Say ‘Goodbye’ to
Dry Eye!

Dry eyes can be irritating and make it difficult to do daily tasks. Anyone can suffer from dry eyes. At Albuquerque Vision Care and Advanced Eyewear in Albuquerque, NM, we provide treatment options for dry eye. 

TempSure Envi is a radiofrequency treatment that reduces the symptoms of chronic dry eye and tightens the skin around your eyes. TempSure Envi delivers energy to the oil and tear glands around your eyes, boosting your body’s own natural healing responses deep beneath the skin so you will be able to create more of your own tears and restore your optimal eye surface to reduce irritation. This energy also stimulates collagen production, leaving you with tighter, younger-looking skin!

IPL treatment

Photo Rejuvenation

Dramatic rejuvenation of the skin is now possible using the Icon IPL system. The system uses Optimized Light™ photorejuvenation technology, which delivers gentle pulses of intense, optimized light to regions of unwanted pigmentation and facial vessels. The appearance of sunspots, age spots, spider veins, rosacea, and capillaries can be reduced.

Treatment time can be as short as 30 minutes, depending on the area treated. Excellent results can be achieved within one or two treatments, but for best results several treatments may be required.

Dry Eye Treatment

Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Dry Eye Treatment.

Dry eye syndrome is a condition caused by lack of tear production, which results in loss of moisture in your eyes. Tears keep your eyes lubricated and moist. A reduction or imbalance of tear production can cause itchy, irritated, and dry eyes.

There are various reasons your eyes may stop producing tears. Age is one of them. As you age, tear production slows down, causing dry eyes. Tear production can also be affected by autoimmune diseases, certain types of medications, the use of contact lenses, and environmental conditions. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, you could be at risk of dry eye due to infrequent blinking. Blinking helps keep your eyes moist.

Eye dryness is the main symptom of this condition. Eye dryness can lead to eye irritation, redness, fatigue, and burning. You may also experience blurred vision and sensitivity to light. Teary eyes can also be a symptom of dry eye, as your eyes produce more tears than normal in an effort to combat dryness. As these tears are of poor quality, they do little to relieve dryness.

No. Currently, there is no cure for dry eye. Your symptoms can be treated and managed, however, through a number of dry eye treatments. After an eye exam, our Albuquerque, NM optometrist will recommend a treatment for your condition.

If you have a mild case of dry eye, artificial tears can often provide the moisture you need to relieve symptoms. For severe cases of dry eye, our optometrist may recommend prescription eye drops to alleviate symptoms. Punctal plugs, which are small, silicone ducts, can help preserve moisture in your eyes by keeping tears from draining. 

Lifestyle changes can also help in relieving dry eye symptoms. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, we recommend wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors to prevent UV rays from irritating your eyes further. Changing your medication or work habits, or changing your contact lens regimen, could also help in alleviating dry eye symptoms.

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